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Curiosities of Mallorca

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Viewpoints of Mallorca

The landscape of Mallorca is beauty and diversity… beyond the hustle and bustle of the city and tourist beaches, the island’s nature is characterised by contrasts: steep cliffs, dense Mediterranean pine forests, green plains, cultivated fields, historical heritage blended into the environment and endless corners full of charm that will make you fall in love with this Mediterranean paradise.

Today we tell you the curiosities of our favourite viewpoints so you can enjoy spectacular views and the nature of Mallorca, some of them easily accessible by car, others for the more adventurous… but all of them have a magical touch, don’t miss them!

Viewpoints in the Tramuntana mountain range

The Serra de Tramuntana is nature in its purest form, declared a World Heritage Site in 2011, it has inspired philosophers and artists for centuries. It has the highest mountains on the island, steep cliffs and fertile valleys… Discover with us the best panoramic views of these picturesque mountains with the sea in the background.

Lighthouse of Formentor (Pollença)

Mallorca has 14 lighthouses around its coasts and the most famous is undoubtedly the Faro de Formentor, at the northernmost point of the island. The photograph from the winding, dizzyingly curvy road that leads to this lighthouse is one of the most photographed images of Mallorca and the panoramic views you get when you arrive will leave you open-mouthed. Since 2018 the Balearic Government has restricted traffic during the summer months (only accessible by public transport) in order to preserve the area, but before the restricted road begins you can reach the Mirador des Colomer and enjoy spectacular views of the area without the need for vertigo.

Faro de Formentor en Mallorca
Imagen: Carretera del Faro de Formentor. Fuente:

Viewpoints of the Archduke (Valldemossa-Deià)

If you google the best sunsets in Mallorca , in the TOP10 you will find the Mirador de Sa Forada in the Finca Son Marroig with a bar at the entrance that has undoubtedly managed to take advantage of this magical event and turn it into a ritual, while Andrea Bocelli’s Con te partido plays and you enjoy a cool beer. The estate and the viewpoint were owned by Archduke Ludwig Salvator of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century, who was in love with the Balearic Islands and in particular with this area. We invite you to discover more about this character, his estates and his viewpoints. Our favourite is the Sa Ferradura viewpoint, so called because of its horseshoe shape. You can start the route of the viewpoints from various points, but we recommend starting from the car park next to the Hotel Continental. The adventure is worth it!

Mirador de sa Ferradura en la isla de Mallorca
Imagen: Mirador de Sa Ferradura con la península de Sa Forada de Fondo. Fuente:

Torre de ses animes (Banyalbufar)

The Torre del Verger, popularly known as Torre de Ses Animes (Tower of Souls) is the most emblematic watchtower of the 50 that surround the coast of Mallorca. Built in the 16th century, its function was to watch over the coast and warn of possible pirate and Turkish corsair attacks by means of a system of fire and smoke. This tower, shrouded in mystery and legend, owes its popular name to the tales of ghosts and spectres that circulated in the area. We love its state of conservation and the panoramic views of the area: Banyalbufar represents one of the best examples of the cultural landscape recognised by UNESCO with hydraulic systems and cultivation terraces that date back to the time of the Muslim domination. Nowadays, the cultivation of Malvasia vines for the production of dry white wine is a place full of magic!

Torre des Verger en Mallorca
Imagen: Torre de s Verger o de Ses animes con Terrazas de cultivo de fondo. Fuente:

Viewpoints on the coast of Mallorca

We have just visited the viewpoints on the north coast of the island, the most abrupt due to the high mountains of the Serra, the rest of the coastline although smoother still presents beautiful landscapes with its contrasts: cliffs, monumental caves, natural parks, long sandy beaches and hundreds of paradisiacal coves, we suggest some viewpoints on the coast so that you can continue to discover the diverse landscape of the island.

Viewpoint of the Malgrats Islands (Santa Ponça)

In the southwest of the island we find this easily accessible corner that you will undoubtedly love. With views of the ecologically important Malgrat Island and Sec Island, declared a Marine Reserve, they are home to birds, marine flora and fauna, a paradise for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. From this viewpoint you will get breathtaking views of the islands. It is worth spending the late afternoon and watching the sunset, on the clearest days you can see from this point the silhouette of the island of Ibiza about 80 km away, an unforgettable experience!

Mirador de las islas Malgrats en Mallorca
Imagen: Torre de s Verger o de Ses animes con Terrazas de cultivo de fondo. Fuente:

Sa talaia de Alcudia

We love this watchtower not so much for its state of conservation, but for its location. To reach it you will have to walk about 40 minutes from the Ermita de la Victoria, and when you get there you will have one of the best panoramic views of the island: you can see the mountain range of the Serra de Tramuntana, the interior of the island, the northern bays (Pollença and Alcudia) and on clear days without clouds you can see Menorca 35 km away. We also love it because of the friendly hosts that usually come to greet you at the top, the native goat of Mallorca, accustomed to the presence of visitors.

Atalaya de Alcudia en la isla de Mallorca
Imagen: Cima de la excursión de la Talaia de Alcudia con una simpática compañera. Fuente:

So much for today’s tour of some of the viewpoints of Serra de Tramuntana and other areas of the Mallorcan coast, but as we say, Mallorca is much more. We promise you a post dedicated to other viewpoints in the near future so that you can continue discovering the landscape of Mallorca! Castles, monasteries, and secret corners full of history and natural beauty that will continue to captivate you.

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