Artà and caves of Artà

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The village of Artà is one of the places you cannot miss!

Located in the northwest area of ​​Mallorca, with more than 25 km of coastline, surrounded by a marine reserve and a natural park, Artà is a place immersed in the tradition, heritage, culture and nature characteristic of the island of Mallorca.

Festivals and traditions of Artà

Sant Antoni is celebrated every January 16, it is a popular, participative and symbolic event where all the people go out. The organization of the party is the responsibility of the Obreria de Sant Antoni, formed by three people, who alternate the annual organization. Demons or dimonis show up accompanied by the music band as they stroll among the streets of the village while they are dancing getting of the people involved.

The traditional Artà market takes place every Tuesday except public holidays. It takes place in the Plaza del Conqueridor, only in the morning, ending around 13:00. It is one of the most visited markets on the island where we find hundreds of stalls with a wide variety of products such as fruits, vegetables, traditional artisan foods from Mallorca (sobrassada, cheese, oil, etc.), crafts from Mallorca, ceramic products, clothes, leather, footwear and much more.

The Artà fair is held on the second Sunday of September, also in the morning until approximately 2:00 p.m. What was an agricultural and livestock fair, typical of Mallorca that has changed over time. Currently, it offers a wide variety of items, from livestock to cars, to any type of household item and even typical Majorcan food.

The caves of Artà

Guided tours in caves of Artà

The caves of Artà are made up of innumerable stalactites of extraordinary shapes and amazing proportions based on calcareous stone.

The visit to the caves lasts between 35 and 40 minutes, a single group enters each time, approximately every half hour.

Visits are organised in four different languages: SpanishFrenchEnglish and German.

Inside, the temperature is 18º and the humidity is 80%. From the entrance, there is access to the lobby and from there to the Queen of columns, a very tall 22-meter-high stalagmite. Next, we head to Hell where a light and sound show of about 3 minutes is offered. From Hell to Purgatory and after visiting the Theatre room and the Organ we arrived at the flag room where the guide hits three columns giving each one a different tone. Finally, we visit the Elephant and going towards the exit we pass through the Diamonds stones, it is a name associated with its composition based on carbon and similar to gems.


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