Sóller is one of the most picturesque towns of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. Its name comes from the Muslim time, and it means “the Golden valley”.

Until the half of the 19th Century, its economy was based on the agriculture, olive and citrus grove. The oranges from Sóller are well-known in Mallorca, and for that, the valley nowadays is known as “the Orange valley”.

Three of the main attractions of Sóller and Port Sóller are the modernism buildings, the wooden train and tram built in 1912 and 1913 respectively and the Es Firo celebration.


Guided Tour Soller

Together with Palma, in Sóller we can find modernism buildings. Those were built by sollerics emigrants, who after an awful plague attacked almost all the orange trees of the valley in 1865, migrate to France, Switzerland and Belgium where they established their new and prosperous business and made fortune. Years later, they move back as rich people and built new houses and mansions according to the style that was then trendy at that time: Art Nouveau. Some of these buildings are Can Prunera, the bank of Sóller, founded in 1889 to keep the money of the new rich people; and the new façade of the parish church of Sant Bartomeu by Joan Rubió y Bellver (1904 – 1947).

Another of the main elements that make Sóller and Port de Sóller a stunning site is a train (1912) and the tram (1913). The train was opened the 14th April 1912 and linked for the first time Sóller and Palma, due to until the 19th Century Sóller was one of the most isolated villages of Mallorca.

And finally, Es Firó, the most important and well-known celebration of Sóller. It remains the pirate attack that took place on the 11th May in 1561 by the Saracen pirates Oxali and Yusuf Arrais. This festival takes place the second week of May and four battles are recreated.


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