Els Calderers is the most visited stately home or possessió in Pla de Mallorca.  Over than 4500 m2, its buildings date from the 18th century. The main building was built in 1750.

After Jaume I’s conquest of Mallorca in 1229, the island was divided into several parts. The town of Sant Joan, where this house is located, belonged to the king. Already in 1285 the house is already documented under the name of the Calderer family.

Later, the possessió belonged to the very old and noble Verí family. The vineyard was the main crop until the phylloxera plague attacked the olive trees and the possessió economic base changed to cereal cultivation.

Els Calderers - lady's room

Guided tour Els Calderers

Discover one of the most stunning possessions of Mallorca.

The possessions are agricultural and livestock farms. It were managed by the amo, an important person in the organization of the possessions, he was the administrator – tenant and responsible for their production, as well as the staff who worked on the farm; in exchange, he had to pay an annual rent to the senyor or lord (the owner of the estate and he was always from a noble family).

The lands of Els Calderers were dedicated to the cultivation of the vineyard and also to wheat, fruit trees, chickpeas, carob beans, beans, almonds, corn and, of course, the porc negre (black pig).

The visit to the house passes through the different rooms of the house, do not be fooled by its austere exterior, since its interior is highly ornamental with furniture and Majorcan painting.

The farm or possessió

We come into the house through a portal with a semicircular arch flanked by two lions. We will visit the large fireplace room to receive visits, the chapel, the cellar where we can taste a sweet wine. Next, we can visit the hunting room where some trophies and weapons are exposed, the lord’s office, the main dining room and the music room among other dependencies.

On the upper floor, we can see the different rooms, the laundry and also the barn where all kinds of agricultural machinery and all kinds of tools for working the field are exposed.

To end the visit we can taste the typical pa amb sobrassada (bread with sobrassada) and take a walk around its surroundings to see the stables and animal pens from chickens and goose to cows, goats and sheep.

Els Calderers

It was D. Francisco Juan de Sentmenat, son of the Count of Ribas, who improved the possessió to give it its current appearance. Its descendants since 1993, the Sentemenat Morell family have decided to show it to the public as an example of the Majorcan house in Pla de Mallorca.

At present, it has an extension of 156 hectares.


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