Santiago Rusiñol said once “From outside you will see its armour, but get in, and you will see its soul!” He said that there was no other temple that with more simplicity of means had reached such beauty.
The Cathedral is above the main Muslim mosque of Madina Mayurqa, and it was built in a Gothic style. The king Jaume I promised the best and most beautiful building of the island and all the Mediterranean area to the Virgin Mary.

Cathedral of Mallorca

Thanks to some researches we know that the Cathedral of Mallorca was started around 1240 and it was finished in 1601, it means that the construction took over 300 years! Even though is a non-stop construction and the architectonic style is gothic.
The central nave is 43, 30 m. high and 19,30 m. depth (one of the highest central naves of the European Gothic cathedrals) and the side naves are 29 m. high and 10 m. depth. The cathedral is a basilica ground plan of three naves and closed by an apse formed by three smaller apses.
The temple is 6,655 square meters surface with capacity for 18.000 people.

Also are remarkable the two main interventions: the Gaudi’s work (1904-1914) and the Holy Eucharist chapel by Miquel Barceló (2007).

Cathedral of Mallorca


The Cathedral of Santa Maria is also called:
Cathedral of the Eucharist: the three apses recreate the biggest triptych of the Eucharist.
– It is the Gothic temple built with less stone and with a lot of interior space. That’s why we called the Cathedral of the Space, but also thanks to the Antoni Gaudi’s intervention (1904-1914) promoted by the bishop Pere Campins, who wanted to create a cathedral for the people full of light and space.
– The Cathedral of the Light: because the temple has 7 rose windows and 83 stained-glass windows.
– The Cathedral of the Sea: thanks to its location nearby the sea until the ‘60s the Cathedral was reflected perfectly there. Today is reflected over the lake of the Parc de la Mar.

Cathedral of Mallorca


The Cathedral has 7 rose windows and among them, there is the biggest rose window of all the Mediterranean area, it is called the “Gothic Eye” and it is about 13 meters diameter and 97,3 square meters surface. It is formed by 1.236 coloured glasses and it offers 3 magical light phenomena:
The light festival or the magical 8: the 2nd February and the 11th November, during the sunrise the biggest rose window is projected below the rose window located on the opposite façade.
Summer solstice: the 21st June during the sunset the west rose window is projected below the biggest rose window. It is the previous phenomenon in backwards.
Winter solstice: this is the only phenomenon that you need to see outside the temple. It happens on the 21st December during the sunrise when the biggest rose window passes over the west one and it looks like a kaleidoscope.


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