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La Torre del Amor (the Tower of Love)

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Legends of Palma

The Tower of Love

The Torre de l’Amor street, located in the Call Major (Jewish quarter), is short and narrow. Today, it ends at the Mossèn Miquel Maura square, where the Xesc Forteza theatre and the Neo-Gothic oratory and convent of the Monges del Culte Eucarístic are located.

This street, like many in Palma, has its funny story and legend.

We are in 1365 and the main characters are two rich and powerful Jews.

Moshé Faquim lived in this square and was single; instead, his neighbour and rival, named Magaluf Natjar, was married to a beautiful woman.

As is to be expected in this story, Faquim and Natjar’s wife were attracted to each other and finally get together… A scandal in the Jewish community and even more so for the cheated husband.

But this did not stop there. As we mentioned, they were both rich, so Faquim had a very tall tower built in his house. To contemplate the views of the city? Maybe. But Faquim was more interested in contemplating from his tower the room of his lover, the wife of Natjar and for that reason, he called it “The Tower of Love“. Also, he boasted of this construction and invited nobles so that they could contemplate it (the architecture of the tower, not the woman).

Humiliated Natjar, ordered the destruction of the tower

Natjar’s anger escalated and he asked his neighbour on many occasions to tear down the tower. But time passed and the tower still stood. So desperate Natjar contacted the city authorities and complained to King Pere IV the Ceremonious.

As we all know, “the mills of God grind slowly.” The husband’s request was heard … fourteen years later, in 1379; in that year the tower was lowered twelve spans.

Currently, we see an old watchtower with a weather vane in a multi-family building from the 19th century. Would this be the house with the famous tower? Who knows…

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